Individual Counselling

Here at Bondi Counselling we support people who are dissatisfied with their life direction, their sense of happiness and their level of wellbeing.  Often people feel stuck or sometimes even lost and are unable to move forward in life without assistance.

Using a combination of Transpersonal Art Therapy, Counselling and Sand Play Therapy, our therapists deeply listen to each person to create a treatment plan uniquely tailored to suit them.

The Sandplay is very effective at allowing the deeper issues to be revealed and then gently worked through.

Typically a series of six x 60 minute sessions held either weekly or fortnightly allows clients to identify and then address key concerns.

We aim to empower clients by building on their own inner resources such as intuition, wisdom and guidance; allowing them to move forward with confidence, clarity and strength.


Individual counselling sessions are available in Bondi and in Katoomba.