Sessions for Art Therapy, Sandplay Therapy and Holistic Counselling are offered in a bushland setting in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Katoomba. In addition to the typical 1 hour session, we offer longer sessions that are more like mini-retreats or workshops.

These sessions are open to local Katoomba and Blue Mountains residents as well as those based father afield such as Sydney, who may benefit from having a longer session with an opportunity to stop, breath, look within and to reflect.

Healing takes time. Often a brief 50-60 minute session can limit how deeply people can explore and discover their inner blocks and resourses. Taking a longer session – anything from a couple of hours up to half a day, or even a full day, can be incredibly rewarding in helping people travel more deeply, reflecting and integrating feelings and personal discoveries.

These sessions are called Soul Immersion and are tailored to fit the needs of each individual.

Katoomba Blue Mountains Counselling

To ask more about either a one hour session or Soul Immersion, you are welcome to call Kellie on: 0422 509 559 or email: info@kelliemiles.com.au


Blue Mountains, Katoomba

Blue Mountains Katoomba Location